Manicures just make you feel awesome

I LOVE having perfectly painted finger and toenails.  I also realize that getting perfectly painted nails can take an extreme amount of time.  I also realize that a lot of us are busy bees and it can difficult to go to a salon and commit over an hour to getting your nails professionally done.  I really try to give myself a manicure at home once a week (or every other week if things are really crazy).  It’s cheaper than going to a salon, takes less time, and keeps your hands and nails healthy.  Here is my usual manicure routine plus some pictures of how I painted my nails last week!

The tools I use

wpid-wp-1395606469625.jpeg  Step 1: Remove any nail polish you have on currently

Step 2: Apply a cuticle remover (I used Sally Hansen) and gently push back your cuticles


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