More exciting news!

I’m finally ready to officially announce that I am searching for my next equine partner.  I realized I had the “horse gene” when I was about 10.  My mother was convinced it was a phase but agreed to let me volunteer to clean stalls at a local rescue.  When I begged to go back the next day she started to get a little worried!  Within a year I had been taking lessons, started helping the lesson instructor on weekends, and was starting to ride for people that boarded at the barn.  It took me five years to save up for my own horse, Popeye.  He was an absolutely gorgeous black and white overo paint gelding.


Popeye is the horse that taught me the most.  He was so funny, stubborn, loving, and sneaky!  He was my baby, and he had a lot of health problems.  After 3 years of battling digestive issues leftover from a surgery several years before I bought him, I lost my sweet boy.  For a really long time I couldn’t even go down to the barn.  Popeye meant the world to me and not seeing his face when I went down there just killed me.  It’s been 4 years since he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I am finally in a position to get back in the saddle.


I’m currently just in the searching stage, but I may have found a horse that tugs on my heart strings a little more than others.   I would really prefer to adopt a rescue horse and provide him/her with the totally spoiled pampered life that  they deserve but I’m going to let the horse pick me!


Please pray that I find the right horse in the right timing so that we may be a successful pair!!


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