Rocky Mountain Beauty

As much as I miss the summers back east, I have to say, the Rocky Mountains are beautiful.  Our department goes up to one of our campuses in the mountains every summer before the start of school to immerse the new class of masters and PhD students in research.  While the mountains are kind of cold (even in August) and it’s only one night, the views are pretty amazing!  

Bull Moose at Pingree Park!!

This year it was pretty rainy so I was a little skeptical going on a hike with some of the other grad students since I despise the feeling of rain, but I went and it totally paid off!!!  One of my bucket list items was to see a moose.  I was really bummed out when I didn’t get to see one last year so I was crossing my fingers they would be around this time!  Right as we started to head up to the trail head, the group stopped and everyone pulled out their phones!  I ran up and saw this gorgeous guy standing at the creek!  You can’t really get a good appreciation from the picture the size of this bull moose, but let me just tell you, he was MASSIVE!

Now I’m back home and I’m exhausted!  I’m looking forward to a weekend of some serious horsemanship! 


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