Bunny Buildings

You might know that I have a passion for all things fluffy!  This summer I brought home two little lionhead bunnies!  Meet Steve (dark gray) and Bojangles (White).  These little guys are just too darn cute!  When I brought them home they were 7 weeks old and TINY! I had plans to build them an entire palace but initially I set them up in the cat’s old travel cage (it’s a Cocker Spaniel-sized crate we used to move Lilly to CO).  That worked until they started to grow!  The cage was quickly not large enough for even one bunny so they had free reign of my office while I constructed their new hutches!

Steve and Bojangles enjoying some hay while I added a front porch and rooftop porch to their hutches!

My friend Grace and I went to a local thrift store and purchased two cabinets for under $30.  I took some before and after pictures, however I’ve included instructions should you wish to make your own rabbit/guinea pig hutch!

Steve says “Hi!”

Materials Needed

1. An old cabinet, shelf, china hutch, etc

2. Chicken wire

3. Staple gun

4. Paint and paintbrush

5. Electric saw

6. Hammer

7. Sandpaper

8. Popsicle sticks

9. Glue

One of the cabinets before. You can see the doors have panels that were easily knocked out.


1. Remove the doors

2. Remove the middle part of the door by cutting it with the electric saw OR if there are separate pieces of wood inserted as the middle of the door use the hammer to knock them out so you have door frames but no middles

3. Cut a hole in the shelf of the cabinet for 2nd floor access

4. Take a long piece of wood (such as a portion of the door panel) for a ramp to the second floor and glue popsicle sticks to one side (this helps tiny bunny feet grip as they run up and down)

5. Sand anywhere you made cuts and might have sharp edges and lightly sand the entire cabinet

6. Clean off sanding dust from the cabinet and paint!

7. When the paint is dry and you have applied at least 2 coats, cut the chicken wire to slightly larger than the size of the opening in each door

8. Staple the chicken wire to the door so your bunny can look outside!

9. Reattach the doors to the cabinet

Bojangles and Steve checking out one of the new houses before the doors were reattached!

10. Put a litter box, hay, food, water, toys, and a bed into your hutch and let bunny enjoy his new home!!!

After constructing the two cabinets into hutches, I decided to add a front porch and rooftop access. One of the cabinets I bought had a drawer that I removed so more light would get into the cage so I used it as a base and stapled chicken wire around 3 of the 4 “walls”.  I also took 1″ x 1″ x 8′ pieces of wood and cut them to the size of the tops of one cabinet and made a wooden rectangle frame (I made 2 of these frames).  Then I stapled chicken wire around the frames (one on top and one on bottom) to make a rooftop porch.  I used the electric saw to cut holes in the side of each cabinet so the rabbits can share a house and one hole in the top of one cabinet so they can jump to the roof.

To make the hutch a little more fun I took old flower pots with attached bases and filled them with hay and fresh veggies and hung some cardboard rolls to hide treats in!  I also added some small towels to the rooftop porch so they had warm beds to cuddle in although Steve likes to drag blankets around and throw them!

Two cabinets connected on the first floor. The drawer from the cabinet on the left was converted into a porch and a rectangle the size of the second cabinet was added to the top for additional room!
Looking in through the front porch. Bojangles loves sitting on her perch!


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