Bunny Thanksgiving!!



This year is the bunnies’ first Thanksgiving!  Inspired by the “Chicken the Hamster” videos on YouTube I decided to give my sweet buns a veggie and fruit thanksgiving spread!

The “turkey” is an orange bell pepper with carrot thighs and a carrot-rabbit pellet stuffing on a bed of lettuce.  The “potatoes” are a mashed banana (apparently my bunnies are not fans of banana and didn’t want to try it) and the apple pie is just an apple!  They love crasins so I threw a few of those in the stuffing!  Bojangles is a total lettuce girl and ignored everything else while Steve went to town on a carrot!

Now that it’s Thanksgiving I believe it is acceptable to start decorating for Christmas! I can’t wait to give the buns a Christmas Corner with a fireplace and a bunny-sized Christmas tree!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Steve loves carrots!
Happy Bunnies!








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