Glamping Bachelorette Weekend



Mimosa bar complete with rock candy stirrers

Gift baskets
Breakfast spread
Who doesn’t love a cheese board?
Bride and Bride tribe shirts personalized with our monograms!
Matching Kate Spade best friend bangles
How cute are these cookies at Lilly Pulitzer!
Best Friends for life!
I want to move into these Lilly dressing rooms


My best friend is getting married! I am so thrilled that she has found her “person” and I was over the moon that she chose me to be her matron of honor. We have known each other since we were infants (seriously our moms were walking buddies) so we’ve been planning our weddings for decades. We are in our mid-twenties now and I have been thinking about her bachelorette party since she started dating her fiancé 5 years ago! Going out for a crazy, drunken weekend isn’t her personality (or mine) so I wanted an event that captured the things she loves and really reflected her personality. A laid-back girl’s weekend in the mountains was the perfect choice. Here is a guide to how I planned our girl’s glamping weekend!


Since my BFF loves the mountains, glamping seemed like a fun way to spend our weekend. I booked the “Our Yurt” campsite from Asheville Glamping in Asheville, NC. It was SO cute and had a full kitchen, heat, private bath house, fire pit, and 3 beds. The site provided towels, bedding, and extra blanket. They even had free Wi-Fi! After glamping I can’t imagine staying in a tent sleeping in a sleeping bag ever again.


Since we decided on an entire weekend adventure I planned lots of activities. The check-in time for the yurt was later in the afternoon, so we arrived and unloaded the car before getting ready for a delicious Italian dinner. Friday night we ate dinner at Modesto in downtown Asheville. Modesto was very highly rated and serves farm-to-table cuisine. We ordered a massive plate of cheese, lemon-rosemary risotto, and an artichoke goat cheese pizza to share family-style. I had been traveling for about 14 hours so this delicious food was my favorite part of the night. After dinner we walked down the block to Skybar for a “gatsby-esque” experience. When you arrive at Skybar you ring a bell for the elevator. An elevator attendant escorts you to the top floor of the bar where bartenders find you. There are 4 floors (mostly outside porches) and no formal bar to go to for drinks. The servers find your group and check up on you throughout the night. It was fairly chilly but we got lucky and snagged an inside room. It felt like the kind of room where you should be playing cards and sipping martinis. After a few cocktails we were pretty exhausted so we headed back to the yurt for the night.

Saturday started with some hot coffee, mimosas, and pastries followed by some pampering at the Illusions Day Spa. The ladies at Illusions were so nice and managed to get our entire party manicures and pedicures in 2 hours. They had more coffee for us and ice cold water (my favorite). After our relaxing morning we headed to Carmel’s for lunch. We were all starving so the pimento cheese appetizer tasted like the nectar of the gods to us. We had some time after lunch to do a little shopping around Asheville and then we ventured to Addison Farms Vineyard for a wine tasting. Our tasting included 5 wines and a tour of this family owned and operated vineyard. Addison farms grows over 90% of the grapes used in their wines! My favorite was the desert wine (probably because we ate chocolate when we tasted it!).

Saturday was my first experience in a Lilly Pulizter store. Living in CO there is no Lilly store here so I have to order online and I live for the 2 after-party sales every year. We were so lucky to get to shop for the annual “lunch at Lilly” event. Every purchase came with presents and there were DELICIOUS cookies and appetizers to snack on while you shopped. I wanted to move into these dressing rooms and I ended up coming home with a fun pair of pants, cashmere poncho, and a new outfit for my baby girl!

Our day had been so busy so we all needed to chill at the yurt for a couple hours before our dinner reservation at Zambra Spanish Tapas and Wine. Zambra is officially the greatest food I have ever eaten. Seriously, food nirvana has been achieved. While it was a challenge to choose our favorite dishes, the orange glazed Brussel sprouts with cranberries, goat cheese, and pumpkin seeds was definitely one of the best. I’m currently trying to re-create this dish at home because I’m still having dreams about it.

Our weekend fell on the opening weekend of Beauty and the Beast. My BFF and I are major Disney Princess lovers and we have been anxiously anticipating the premier of this movie for months. So. Worth. The. Wait. I really enjoyed the live-action Cinderella movie from a couple years ago, however it pales in comparison to Emma Watson as Belle. If you haven’t seen this movie drop whatever you are doing and run to your nearest theater (or rent it and watch it at home in yoga pants). It was absolutely fantastic. The music, sets, costumes, and acting were so much more than I was expecting and I cannot wait to buy this movie and watch it with my daughter in a couple years.

I could not have pulled off this weekend without help from my mother! Since I live in CO and the event was taking place in NC she went out and got all the food for the Yurt. She also threw in some surprises including the adorable little flower arrangement on the trays! That pretty much wraps up our girls glamping weekend! I can’t wait to plan more trips in the future! Where should we go next?


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