What I packed: Glamping weekend

On Monday I posted all about my recent trip to Asheville, NC for my bestie’s bachelorette weekend! Here is a summary of what I packed for the trip! PS: I’m SUPER proud that I was able to fit all of this into a smaller duffel bag.


Friday Night
Friday Night!

On Friday night I wore a black cocktail dress I bought from Express as a freshman in college. The hot pink jacket (my signature color!) is from Juliana’s Boutique. Juliana’s was started by a fellow Berry College alum several years ago. They have a brick and mortar location in Blue Ridge GA or you can shop online.

Saturday! Y’all how cute is my bestie!

Saturday we went to a wine tasting at Addison Farms Vineyard and had lunch at Carmel’s in Asheville, NC. It was a little chilly and windy so these personalized shirts were great for keeping warmer. I got these shirts from this Etsy shop. They were a custom order but the shop was SUPER accommodating and very easy to work with! My pants are Winnie pants from J Crew. This color is from last fall and the spring shade is a much lighter and brighter pink! It was really rainy for most of the weekend so my Tory Burch Junction riding boots were an essential for our outings.

Saturday Night
Saturday Night!

On Saturday night we headed to Zambra for dinner (go eat there if you are in Asheville!) and then to the theater to see Beauty and the Beast! I got this Brewster T-shirt dress at the August 2016 After Party Sale (I’ve included a picture of a similar dress currently available at Lilly). I was super pregnant when I ordered it so I am so glad it fits now that I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight! I also look for any chance to wear these adorable pineapple sandals from Jack Rogers.

Traveling Outfit!

When I travel I just want to be comfortable. I like to dress in layers because I always get super hot when I’m walking around the airport and then I freeze during my flights. I am a huge fan of the J Crew GiGi pants. They are really stretchy and very comfortable if you have to sit in a confined space for 3 hours. Since I was traveling to and from CO and it was March I went to my go-to footwear again! These Tory boots are easy to take off for security and they look great with so many outfits. I am really loving the T-shirts from Lilly Pulitzer. I wore a Michele style T-shirt from the 2015 August After Party sale on my flight into Charlotte and a Colie style T-shirt from the 2016 August After Party sale on the flight back to Denver. Both the actual styles I have are obviously old so I’ve linked the current available styles!

When I fly I also have a few flight essentials. When I board I must have a salty snack (pretzels are my favorite but I grab Gardettos when I can’t find any) and a drink. I prefer to have ginger ale because it really helps settle my sensitive stomach during the flight. If I can’t find ginger ale (I think there’s one place that sells it in Denver’s airport) I get Perrier or SmartWater! I also love to either download a movie on my tablet or have an audiobook/podcast downloaded on my phone.

What are your travel essentials?


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