Pony Time!



Look at this fuzzy monster!

Seriously how cute is this face
Her face is so itchy


She loves scratches!



Meet Niekka! Niekka is my Arabian mare who I purchased the summer of 2014. I chose her because she was in good health, young (4 years old), and had a playful “horsinality”. At the time I was looking for a project and was hoping for a horse that didn’t have a lot of vices that I would have to “untrain”. When I brought her “home” (she lives at a barn about 10 minutes from my house) she was untouchable. It took me nearly an hour to catch her the day I picked her up and another hour plus to get her loaded onto the trailer.

I am a HUGE fan of Parelli Natural Horsemanship and I have been following Pat and Linda Parelli’s program since 2006. My goal as a horsewoman is to always keep my horse’s dignity as my top priority. So, for several weeks I would go visit her and just sit outside her paddock and wait for her to seem interested in me. It took me about 3 months to get her solidly playing the “7 games” on the ground. Because she is an Arabian she is smart and very “hot”. I have to constantly keep her thinking without activating her flight response.

Since I had my baby girl last fall I haven’t been playing or riding as much as I would really like. One of my resolutions for this year is to really make progress under saddle with Niekka. Basically I didn’t ride her in 2016 so I am “restarting” her now. These pictures are after her 3rd ride in 2017 and her first ride in a bridle in about 2 years! She is still really getting used to the bit and how to handle her body carrying a rider and saddle but I am really happy with how she is progressing! Next week my goal is to do more lateral work and gait transitions.


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